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Basic health infrastructure & quality health care for the war-affected population in Northeast Syria

Capacity building and organizational development of recruitment service provider in Ninawa

Mobilising local communities and stakeholders to improve access to services for persons with disabilities Towards a greater participation of persons with disabilities and their representatives organisations in Iraq’s development process

Medical Assistance for conflict affected IDPs & and resident population at the Turkish-Syrian border

Feasibility Study to Assess the Proposal “Sensitize and integrate persons with disabilities

Strengthen the longer-term resilience of refugees and migrants by improving the level of their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing

Support for conflict affected people through strengthening of essential primary health care and protection from gender based violence

Country Program Evaluatio-2020 (Orphan sponsorship Program 2020, Childhood Project 2020, IDEAL Project 2020)

Support to Marginalized families for Integrated Livelihoods & Economic Empowerment (SMILE) 2019-2020

COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake – A study of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices, of marginalized communities in Iraq

Support to the return process and recovery of conflict-affected populations with specific needs

Capacity Building and Business development support for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Restoring Livelihoods Through Agriculture Revitalization (RLAR) Program in North East Syria

Mid-Term And Sustainability Self- Assessment Evaluation of IRQ 1024 “Building Sustainable Livelihoods for Returnees and Their Host Communities in Agriculture in Iraq – Phase II”.

Mid-Term And Sustainability Self- Assessment Evaluation of IRQ 1023 “Improving Living Conditions of Highly Vulnerable, Conflict- Affected Communities In Priority Return Areas In Ninewa”.

Building Resilience through Initiatives Defining Growth potential of Economic Solutions for Syrians in Turkey (BRIDGES-II)

Responding to Provision of immediate life-saving assistance, for vulnerable IDPs, Returnees and Host communities in Ninawa

Promoting Self-Reliance & Improving Access to Livelihoods Opportunities for Displacement – Affected Iraqi & Syrian Households in Salah al-Din, Diyala, Erbil, & Dohuk Governorates, Iraq

Sustainable Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Programme in Tilkaif district, Ninewa Governorate & Tooz district, Salah Al Din Governorate

Improvement of access to basic WaSH and Shelter services for vulnerable populations affected by the conflict in northern Syria

Life-saving support in Protection and WASH to highly vulnerable persons in acute displacement in Duhok Governorate, Iraq.