ServicesYearExpertiseclientsProject TitleCountry
Final Evaluation2023Livelihood, PeaceUNDPFinal Project Outputs' Evaluation Of Iraq Crisis Response And Resilience Project (ICRRP)Iraq
Market Assessment2022LivelihoodOxfam GbCircular Economy Market AssessmentIraq
Final Evaluation2022LivelihoodWorld Vision InternationalSustainable Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Programme in Tilkaif district, Ninewa Governorate & Tooz district, Salah Al Din GovernorateIraq
Final Evaluation2022LivelihoodDanish Refugee CouncilPromoting Self-Reliance & Improving Access to Livelihoods Opportunities for Displacement - Affected Iraqi & Syrian Households in Salah al-Din, Diyala, Erbil, & Dohuk Governorates, IraqIraq
Impact Assessment2022LivelihoodWorld Vision InternationalResponding to Provision of immediate life-saving assistance, agricultural assets/inputs and improved livelihoods for income generation for vulnerable IDPs, Returnees and Host communities in Ninawa GovernorateIraq
Final Evaluation2022Livelihood/ ProtectionInternational Rescue CommitteeEssential Protection and Economic Well-Being Response ProjectSyria
Final Evaluation2022LivelihoodDanish Refugee CouncilBuilding Resilience through Initiatives Defining Growth potential of Economic Solutions for Syrians in Turkey (BRIDGES-II)Turkey
Consultancy2022LivelihoodDanish Refugee CouncilDevelopment of Beneficiary Targeting Model for Economic Recovery Programme in IraqIraq
Final Evaluation2022LivelihoodConcern WorldwideRestoring Livelihoods Through Agriculture Revitalization (RLAR) Program in North East SyriaSyria
Capacity Building2021LivelihoodMercy CorpsCapacity Building and Business development support for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)Iraq
Final Evaluation2021LivelihoodWorld Vision InternationalBuilding Resilience through Inclusive Economic Recovery Interventions in West MosulIraq
Market Assessment2021LivelihoodOxfam GbLabour Market Assessment - Promoting Youth EmploymentIraq
Capacity Building2021LivelihoodNear East FoundationRapid Technical Skills TrainingIraq
Final Evaluation2021LivelihoodSecours Islamique FranceSupport to Marginalized families for Integrated Livelihoods & Economic Empowerment (SMILE) 2019-2020Pakistan
Final Evaluation2020LivelihoodGoalResilient Economy Through Agriculture And Livelihoods (REAL)Iraq
Capacity Building2020LivelihoodGoalCapacity building and organizational development of recruitment service provider in NinawaIraq
mid-term Evaluation2020Livelihood / GenderCare InternationalGender-sensitive market and livelihood capacity analysis in Erbil and Duhok GovernorateIraq
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