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Psychological First Aid in Emergencies

Venue: Istanbul – Turkey Registration Deadline: March 30, 2023 Training Date: April 10 to 12, 2023 Register before: March 20, 2023 to get 10% Discount


Psychological First Aid (PFA) in emergencies is a promising practice for disaster behavioral health response and recovery. PFA intervention strategies are intended for use with children, adolescents, parents and caretakers, families, and adults who are survivors or witnesses exposed to disaster or terrorism. PFA can also be provided to first responders and other disaster relief workers.

Through easy-to-understand scenarios, this course details what psychological first aid (PFA) is and is not, how to provide it responsibly, who can provide it, when and where it should be provided, and when someone should be referred for more specialized care. As it walks the learner through the four main principles of PFA, it also spells out the importance of self-care for first responders and others who are helping people in stressful situations.

Course Contents

The course addresses the following aspects related to PFA in emergencies,

  • Introduction to Psychological First Aid (PFA)
  • Terms and Concepts
  • The RAPID Module
    • Reflective Listening/Rapport
    • Assessment and Prioritization
    • Intervention and Disposition
  • Self-Care and Wrap-Up

Training takes away

Participants will increase their abilities to:

  • Discuss key concepts related to PFA
  • Listen reflectively
  • Differentiate benign, non-incapacitating psychological/ behavioral crisis reactions from more severe, potentially incapacitating, crisis reactions
  • Prioritize (triage) psychological/ behavioral crisis reactions
  • Mitigate acute distress and dysfunction, as appropriate
  • Recognize when to facilitate access to further mental health support
  • Practice self-care

Methodology of training

The mixed-method approach will be used to inculcate the adult learning principles for the training. To make it highly innovative, the trainer will use discussion, case studies, group work, and practical exercises. The training will be conducted in a friendly environment where the participants will be encouraged to bring forward their queries and share their thoughts and opinions. Participative practical activities will reinforce individual and group learning. The training will be evaluated at every day’s end to know the shortcomings/lacking and will be improved for the next day.

Targeted audience

Emergency Responders, Disaster Relief Workers at operational and management levels.

Medium of Instruction:


Duration & Venue:       

April 10 to 12, 2023

Istanbul- Turkey

Registration Deadline:   

March 30, 2023

Training Fee:

  • Local Organizations (Turkey Based)                                  $290
  • International Organizations (Turkey Based)                    $390
  • Other Countries                                                                     $590

Early Bird Discount:  

10 % discount will be offered if registered before March 20, 2023.

Residential Package: 

Residential Package is available at the venue hotel on payment of required charges.

Discount Policy: Group Discount (from same organisation):

On every three paid nominations from same organisation, one person (i.e fourth one) will be free of charge.

In-House Training:

CRSM also offers this training for your organisation as an in-house event. This will be cost effective and customised for your organisation’s specific needs.

To discuss this, please contact CRSM representative at +92 321 55 65 072 or +92 316 58 87 783 or mail to

For Further Information, Please Contact:


Tel: +92 321 55 65 072 or +92 316 58 87 783



  • In-Person


  • Training/Workshop


  • Project Manager

Course language

  • English
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