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Fraud Management for NGOs

Venue: Istanbul – Turkey Registration Deadline: March 03, 2023 Training Date: March 13 to 15, 2023 Register before: February 21, 2023 to get 10% Discount

Beware! Fraudsters are coming up with more and more creative ways to scam.


The risk of fraud is higher in the settings where there is a culture of trust, the environment is challenging where staff is overstretched, and high-risk delivery models (such as humanitarian emergencies and remote program management). Our moral missions may encourage us to take poorly managed risks. Estimates of the scale of loss to fraud are between 2% and 5% of an organization’s income – and many global development workers find that range readily believable. Of the £5.8bn identified as having been channeled through NGOs in humanitarian emergencies in 2013, for example, that range could mean that up to £276m may have been lost to fraud.

COVID-19 has complicated the situation and many NGOs are ill-prepared to tackle fraud, potentially impacting their ability to achieve their mission. Fraudsters are undaunted and unfazed by human suffering. Their interest is purely financial. In addition to such immeasurable monetary damage, there could be a negative impact on an NGO’s reputation in the long term. As donor confidence is essential in helping achieve your mission. Hence, It is the responsibility of organizational management to design and implement effective policies to deter fraud and irregularities in the use of funds they apply.

Scope of the training

This course will address the salient features of accountability structures of non-profit organizations and their partners. The training will familiarize the participants with the following areas;

  • Introduction to fraud and corruption in development and humanitarian projects
  • NGO fraud strategy: prevention, detection, mitigation, and remediation
  • Help mitigate the types of fraud impacting NGOs
  • Combating corruption and fraud in;
    • Procurement
    • The construction
    • For auditors
    • Bid-rigging and collusion for competition authorities
    • Contract fraud and abuse risk examination

Training takes away

After completion of this course, the participants will be able to address the salient features of accountability structures of non-profit organizations and their partners. It will help participants design and implement effective anti-fraud and internal control plans that will provide reasonable assurance that funds are utilized for the same purpose they are provided for. The course will also cover the case studies from the real life of organizations and professionals.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction and importance
  • Accountability structure for organizations and partners
  • Corrupt procedures and practices
  • Collusion
  • Fraudulent bids and implementations
  • Bad practices in financial management
  • Conducting financial investigations
  • Designing and applying effective internal controls
  • Lessons Learned and case stories

Methodology of training

The mixed-method approach will be used to inculcate the adult learning principles for the training. To make it highly innovative, the trainer will use lectures, discussions, group work, and case studies from existing fraud cases. The training will be conducted in a friendly environment where the participants will be encouraged to bring forward their queries and share their thoughts and opinions. Participative practical activities will reinforce individual and group learning. The training will be evaluated at every day’s end to know the shortcomings/lacking and will be improved for the next day.

Targeted audience

  • Humanitarian professionals including managers, supervisors/officers

Medium of Instruction:


Duration & Venue:       

March 13 to 15, 2023

Istanbul- Turkey

Registration Deadline:   

March 03, 2023

Training Fee:

  • Local Organizations (Turkey Based)                                  $290
  • International Organizations (Turkey Based)                    $390
  • Other Countries                                                                     $590

Early Bird Discount:  

10 % discount will be offered if registered before February 21, 2023.

Residential Package: 

Residential Package is available at the venue hotel on payment of required charges.

Discount Policy: Group Discount (from same organisation):

On every three paid nominations from same organisation, one person (i.e fourth one) will be free of charge.

In-House Training:

CRSM also offers this training for your organisation as an in-house event. This will be cost effective and customised for your organisation’s specific needs.

To discuss this, please contact CRSM representative at +92 321 55 65 072 or +92 316 58 87 783 or mail to

For Further Information, Please Contact:


Tel: +92 321 55 65 072 or +92 316 58 87 783



  • In-Person


  • Training/Workshop


  • Project Manager

Course language

  • English
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