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Crafting Project Success through Insightful Conflict Assessment - Nepal

Venue: Kathmandu – Nepal | Registration Deadline: December 20, 2023 | Training Date: January 3 to 5, 2024

Conflict Assessment

Forging Paths to Conflict Competence: Your Gateway to Strategic Project Management

An engaging training experience crafted for professionals eager to master conflict assessment, join us on this transformative journey to become a catalyst for positive change.

Embark on a strategic exploration with our Conflict Assessment Training, exclusively tailored for professionals in the humanitarian and development sectors. Over three immersive days, this specialized learning experience is crafted for those ready to unravel the complexities of conflict dynamics. Join us in mastering the art of conflict assessment, equipping yourself with the insights and strategies needed to navigate and address conflicts in the unique contexts of our sectors.

Key Benefits of Conflict Assessment Training:

  • Develop advanced skills to analyze conflict dynamics strategically, ensuring a nuanced understanding of the specific challenges in humanitarian and development work.
  • Learn to design projects with conflict sensitivity at the core, fostering resilience and sustainability in conflict-prone environments.
  • Acquire practical strategies for conflict mitigation and resolution, enhancing your ability to manage and transform conflicts effectively.
  • Engage in hands-on exercises, real-world case studies, and simulations that immerse you in conflict scenarios, providing practical skills for immediate application in your professional setting.
  • Experience a training that goes beyond theory, empowering you to lead with confidence and resilience in conflict-affected contexts, driving positive change in your projects.

Main Features of the Conflict Assessment Training:

  • Engage in workshops focusing on the intricacies of conflict dynamics in humanitarian and development contexts.
  • Learn to integrate conflict sensitivity into project design, ensuring project goals align with conflict realities.
  • Explore and practice conflict mitigation and resolution strategies through interactive simulations and case studies.
  • Understand and apply conflict-sensitive decision-making frameworks in project management.
  • Develop personalized action plans to implement conflict assessment insights into your projects, ensuring practical application in your specific professional context.

Training Topics:

Foundations of Conflict Assessment in Project Management

  1. Introduction to Conflict Dynamics in Humanitarian and Development Work
  • Historical Overview of Conflicts in Humanitarian and Development Contexts
  • Types and Dimensions of Conflicts: A Comprehensive Exploration
  1. Understanding Conflict Analysis: Key Concepts and Components
  • Conflict Analysis Frameworks: Overview and Comparison
  • Key Components of Conflict Analysis: Actors, Drivers, and Dynamics
  • Practical Tools: Utilizing Conflict Analysis in Project Planning
  1. Interactive Session: Mapping Conflict Dynamics in Real-world Projects
  • Group Activity: Identifying Conflict Dynamics in Past and Ongoing Projects
  • Facilitated Discussion: Extracting Lessons and Insights

Conflict-sensitive Project Design and Mitigation Strategies

  1. Integrating Conflict Sensitivity into Project Design
  • Conflict-sensitive Project Goals: Aligning with Contextual Realities
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Ensuring Inclusivity in Conflict-sensitive Design
  1. Practical Exercise: Applying Conflict Mitigation Strategies to Project Scenarios
  • Case Studies: Real-world Conflict Scenarios in Project Management
  • Hands-on Exercise: Developing Conflict Mitigation Strategies
  • Group Discussion: Evaluating and Refining Mitigation Approaches
  1. Conflict-sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques
  • Indicators for Conflict-sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Adapting Monitoring and Evaluation Plans in Conflict-prone Environments

Conflict Resolution and Decision-making

  1. Strategies for Conflict Resolution in Project Management
  • Collaborative Approaches: Negotiation and Mediation Strategies
  • Case Studies: Successful Conflict Resolution Models in Project Settings
  1. Conflict-sensitive Decision-making: Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Conflicted Environments
  • Ethical Decision-making Frameworks: Balancing Stakeholder Interests
  • Role-playing Exercise: Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Project Scenarios
  • Facilitated Discussion: Debriefing and Extracting Ethical Principles
  1. Personalized Conflict Action Plans for Participants
  • Individual Reflection: Insights and Learnings from the Training
  • Action Planning: Developing Personalized Strategies for Conflict-sensitive Project Management
  • Peer Review and Feedback: Strengthening and Refining Action Plans

Who Should Attend:

This training is designed for professionals in the humanitarian and development sectors at the beginning to intermediate levels of their careers. It is ideal for:

  • Project Managers
  • Program Officers
  • Field Staff
  • Conflict Resolution Specialists
  • Advocacy and Policy Professionals
  • NGO Staff
  • Government Officials involved in humanitarian and development initiatives.

Join us for a specialized training that equips you with the skills and insights needed to navigate, mitigate, and transform conflicts in the dynamic landscape of humanitarian and development work.

Medium of Instruction:


Duration & Venue:       

Training Date:

January 3 to 5, 2024

Kathmandu – Nepal

Registration Deadline:   

 December 20, 2023 

Training Fee:

  • $ 190 – Local Organizations  (Nepal Based)
  • $ 240 – International Organizations   (Nepal Based)
  • $ 240 – Other Countries

Residential Package: 

Residential Package is available at the venue hotel on payment of required charges.

Discount Policy: Group Discount (from same organisation):

On every three paid nominations from same organisation, one person (i.e fourth one) will be free of charge.

In-House Training:

CRSM also offers this training for your organisation as an in-house event. This will be cost effective and customised for your organisation’s specific needs.

To discuss this, please contact CRSM representative at +92 321 55 65 072 or +92 316 58 87 783 or mail to

For Further Information, Please Contact:


Tel: +92 321 55 65 072 or +92 316 58 87 783

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