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Triple Nexus approach

Triple Nexus approach

Contract Type: Capacity Building

Year: 2022

Sector: HDP

Implementing organization: Oxfam Gb

Donor: Oxfam Gb

  • Wasi Haider
  • Sayyeda Sameena

Oxfam proposes a nexus initiative to promote resilience, gender equality, and social cohesion through 1) strengthened Women’s Economic Empowerment through improved access to safe and sustainable livelihood opportunities and 2) increased social cohesion through increased opportunities for women focused community engagement.

To facilitate/conduct a workshop on the Triple Nexus Approach. This training/workshop is aimed to provide better understanding to Oxfam and its partners on what the triples nexus approach is and how these initiatives could be integrated within the various components of programming.

Country: Iraq

City-Country: Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Halabja Diyala, Anbar, Ninawa, Salah-al-Din, and Kirkuk

Start Date: 26-Jul-22

End Date: 1-Sep-22