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Peace & Conflict, Gender, Resilience and Risk analysis

Peace & Conflict, Gender, Resilience and Risk analysis

Contract Type: Baseline Research

Year: 2023

Sector: Peace & Conflict, Gender, Resilience and Risk Analysis

Implementing organization: Malteser International

Donor: BMZ

  • Wasi Haider
  • Sayyeda Sameena
  • Bilal Riaz

MI has submitted a concept note and is in a process to secure a project under transitional aid funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The project will aim to support returnees, out of camp IDPs and host communities in Ar-Raqqa and Deir-Ez-Zor areas of Northeast Syria (NES). The project support will include economic recovery, access to good quality health care and mental health services. However, one of BMZ`s full proposal requirement is to conduct a comprehensive and extended integrated analysis on the following topics:
• Peace and Conflict Analysis (including updated and integrated do-no-harm analysis)
• Gender Sensitivity Analysis
• Resilience Analysis (optional)
• Risk Analysis
Therefore, MI in Iraq intends to engage a consultant or consultancy company to conduct this extended analysis.
Understanding of specific objectives: The Consultants understand that they will collect and conduct an integrated analyses of the information on the topics of (i) resilience, (ii) gender, (iii) peace & conflict and (iv) risk from Ar-Raqqa and Deir-Ez-Zor areas. The objective of the integrated analyses will be to share maximum amount of refined, up to date and evidence based information and in-depth understanding on the above topics. MI will use this information and understanding to critically review BMZ funding cycle at this point of time and already established concept note. The information and understanding will also be used to fine tune the full funding proposal.

Country: Syria