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Gender and Protection Analysis

Gender and Protection Analysis

Contract Type: Study

Year: 2023

Sector: Gender and Protection

Start Date: 1-Apr-23

End Date: 30-Jun-23

Implementing organization: Action Against Hunger

Donor: Multiple

  • Wasi Haider
  • Tanveer Amjad
  • Sayyeda Samina
  • Bilal Riaz

ACF recognizes that gender – along with other forms of identity – conditions women, men, boys’ and girls’ differential access to, and ability to benefit from, resources and opportunities. Therefore, the organization builds its program and approaches based on analysis of deeper understanding on unequal gender and power dynamics. To inform its strategy and upcoming interventions, ACF commissioned the study to assess gender and protection risks in the country with sample areas of Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Udayapur.
The study is expected to develop the analysis report covering two aspects i.e., Gender and Protection. The targeted population groups will be disaggregated by age, sex, disabilities, ethnicity, etc., and will cover multiple sectors i.e., WASH, FSL, DRR, HEALTH and NUTRITION, MHPSS-P).
Overall, the study will identify: different gender specific needs, risks, vulnerabilities, capacities and interests among targeted groups; gender specific roles, responsibilities, coping mechanisms and opportunities for empowerment; gender norms, attitudes and beliefs that drives to gender inequality and other vulnerabilities; participation and decision making status and opportunities of most vulnerable especially women, girls and people with disability, but as well intersectionality and access to and control over resources in the context. Also, the study will review and map out State of the Law and normative frameworks; and assess the Gender and Social norms, Access and control over resources and gender-based violence in each community context.

Country: Nepal


  • Udayapur
  • Rasuwa
  • Nuwakot
  • Terai community