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Donor Mapping

Donor Mapping

Contract Type: Consultancy

Year: 2022

Sector: HDP

Implementing organization: Oxfam Gb

Donor: Oxfam Gb

  • Wasi Haider
  • Sayyeda Sameena

Oxfam in Iraq is working with the local leadership of the NGOs in Iraq. Oxfam is investing in their institutional and technical capacity strengthening as well as working with them as partners in various projects. They are involved from the project design and conceptualization phase, so they have opportunity to contribute in the project design and to know what the quality of proposals and the key requirements.

In above context, Oxfam is looking for a consultant to undertake the assignment of mapping donor priorities who have interest for supporting CSOs in Iraq on the areas of humanitarian, development, peacebuilding, durable solutions, climate action, DRR, resilience building, women’s issue etc. in current and near future. The study will help the local NGOs of Iraq to understand which donors have interest in Iraq and how to approach them for funding. This will also provide the templates and tools for proposal writing and concept notes etc. for each specific donor and provide a training to the local NGOs on the same.

Country: Iraq

City-Country: Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Halabja Diyala, Anbar, Ninawa, Salah-al-Din, and Kirkuk

Start Date: 5-Sep-22

End Date: 30-Oct-22