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Capacity Building

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Capacity Building

Facilitating the ever changing needs of business environments, CRSM Consulting offers in-house and open-house capacity building services to its prestigious clients in variety of languages across the globe. This includes organizational assessment for capacity development, development of policies and procedure including their implementation through supervision and staff training.

Our specialized courses are designed to cater the needs of the participating organizations and individuals after a thorough assessment process. Each course is followed by a comprehensive evaluation for learning assessment of the participants which is also considered as lesson learnt for the next assignment. By aligning the course contents with the needs of the participants, our capacity building programs ensure substantial performance improvement.

List of our clients for capacity building is growing by each passing week and month. The trainers and coaches for the courses are expert professionals having diverse experience in the respective fields. Our commitment to excellence inspires our teams to prepare and deliver best in class solutions to our clients and are always valued highly by the participants and their patrons alike. Our recent assignments of Capacity Building are:

  1. Market and Livelihood capacity Analysis of PRM funded project to be implanted by CARE International-Iraq in Duhok and Erbil governorate of KRI-Iraq.
  2. Organizational Capacity Assessment and Development of recruitment services provider in Mosul-Ninawa, Iraq. The assignment also includes development of service delivery mechanism to work as recruitment service provider. The project was funded by IRISH Aid and implemented by GOAL.

Capacity building of Malteser International-Turkey and partners’ staff in different thematic areas including partnership management, report writing, budget management and MS Excel.

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