Monitoring& Evaluation

Monitoring& Evaluation

A success of any project or program depends on coherence and clarity of its objectives. CRSM Specializes in baseline assessments, third party monitoring and evaluations of various campaign and programs aimed to bring desired change. Realizing it being a crucial aspect of efficient campaign impact, we have assisted our esteemed partners in providing Baseline, Mid-Term and End-Term evaluations.

An overview of our current projects says it all by providing a reflection of our expertise and proficiency of our devoted teams and partners committed to provide unparalleled and productive results to our clients.


Our specialized courses are designed to cater the needs of the participating organizations and individuals after a thorough assessment process. Each course is followed by a comprehensive evaluation for learning assessment of the participants which is also considered as lesson learnt for the next assignment. By aligning the course contents with the needs of the participants, our capacity building programs ensure substantial performance improvement.

List of our clients for capacity building is growing by each passing week and month. The trainers and coaches for the courses are expert professionals having diverse experience in the respective fields. Our commitment to excellence inspires our teams to prepare and deliver best in class solutions to our clients and are always valued highly by the participants and their patrons alike.

This includes organizational assessment for capacity development, development of policies and procedure including their implementation through supervision and staff training.

Our recent assignments of Capacity Building are:

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