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A success of any project or program depends on coherence and clarity of its objectives. CRSM Specializes in baseline assessments, third party monitoring and evaluations of various campaign and programs aimed to bring desired change. Realizing it being a crucial aspect of efficient campaign impact, we have assisted our esteemed partners in providing Baseline, Mid-Term and End-Term evaluations.

An overview of our current projects says it all by providing a reflection of our expertise and proficiency of our devoted teams and partners committed to provide unparalleled and productive results to our clients.

Third Party Monitoring (TPM) of Food Security project implemented by international Rescue Committee (IRC) in North East Syria (NES) – Deir-ez-Zor, Ar-Raqqa, Al-Hasekeh, funded by USAID-FFP

Mid-term evaluation of Medical Assistance for conflict affected IDPs and resident population at the Turkish-Syrian border (Aleppo and Idlib regions)” funded by GFFO-Germany and implemented by Malteser International-Turkey.

Third Party Monitoring “Health & WASH Support Facilities and Emergency to IDP Communities in Syria”. Implemented by Europe Foundation International & Bihar Relief Organization in Afrin and Azaz area of Aleppo Governorate.

End term evaluation of ECHO funded project “Strengthen the longer-term resilience of refugees and migrants by improving the level of their emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing” implemented by Dunya Doktorlari (Medecins Du Monde Turkey) in

End term evaluation of health and protection project “Support for conflict affected people through strengthening of essential primary health care and protection from gender-based violence” funded by German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) in Mosul, Falluja and Duhok in Iraq and implemented by CARE International – Iraq.

End term Evaluation of livelihood project “Resilient Economy through Agriculture and Livelihood (REAL)” project implemented by GOAL-Iraq in Dohuk governate of Iraq, Iraq and funded by BPRM.

End term Evaluation of WASH, Health, and Integrated Protection (WHIP) program implemented by Relief International in 8 governorates of Iraq and supported by OFDA

End-Term Evaluation of BMZ Supported Improvement of maternal and child health in return areas in Northern Iraq implemented by CARE International-Iraq.

End-Term Evaluation of project titled “Towards a greater participation of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations in Iraq’s development process” in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Sulaimania, Kirkuk, Qaladzey, Kalar, Chamchama, Halabja, Erbil, Dohuk and Baghdad) funded by European Union (ECCS) and AC4.

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