Designing and Implementing Livelihood Projects – Iraq

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April 15, 2024 9:00 am - April 30, 2024 - 7:00 pm

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Irbil - Iraq

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The livelihood opportunities in developing countries are usually more abundant in the informal sector than in the formal sector. Compared to formal employment, the informal sector is generally an underserved segment of the youth economic opportunity continuum. Similarly, after emergency assistance, the most effective support for a community to help it get back on its feet is to provide livelihood opportunities and employment options for them. With many donors realizing this, it is important for local and international organizations to identify the right interventions in this area and to be able to design and implement livelihood projects.

Training Objectives

This training focuses on how project managers can contribute to enabling sustainable livelihoods in communities. The aim is to enable the practitioners to explore and test new approaches that would result in a model leading to alternative livelihoods, including transforming their capabilities and using available resources in their community to achieve positive outcomes of the livelihood interventions based on a solid understanding of market trends and demand.

Scope of the Training

The training will provide a comprehensive overview of the importance of livelihood projects, need assessment, selection of beneficiaries, how the intervention should be designed, recognizing risks and challenges in the selected approaches, and M&E activities to adjust the implementation strategy as necessary to achieve the project goal. The curriculum will cover the following concepts;

Analyse livelihoods through the market-systems framework Identify demand-driven livelihoods opportunities for the community Understand market failures and constraints that prevent the target community from maximizing their livelihoods opportunities Articulate a vision for market-based livelihoods interventions Facilitate business models in cooperation with the private sector Develop results chains and indicators to monitor the impact of market-based livelihood interventions

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March 28 to April 01, 2022 Istanbul - Turkey

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