Financial & Procurement Management for USAID Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Istanbul - Turkey , Registration Deadline: March 25,2021 , Training Date: March 28,2022 TO March 30,2022


NGO that rely on USAID funding often face challenges in effectively managing their awards. The rules and regulations associated with award management are complex and the practical application of these rules is crucial for compliant project implementation.  Organizations need staff members who understand how USAID awards work and can effectively manage USAID rules and regulations to maintain donor compliance. While the focus of this workshop will be on USAID funding for grants and cooperative agreements, it also provides a good foundation for understanding other US Government funding.

Training Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, participants will return to work equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of USAID grants and cooperative agreements and strategies for building and coordinating relationships that are critical to successful USAID award and program management.

This workshop will:

  • Examine in detail the updated regulations for USAID grants and cooperative agreements.
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the regulations to find answers to questions.
  • Model an Award Review process to maintain compliant implementation.
  • Define USAID jargon for effective communication.
  • Explore the structure of USAID and how to build cooperative relationships with key players.
  • Identify situations when it is appropriate to seek guidance from USAID or headquarters.
  • Discuss when approvals, waivers and extensions are required and how to obtain them.
  • Help prepare your organization to meet the criteria for successful audits.

Medium of Instruction:


Duration & Venue:       

March 28 to 30, 2022


Registration Deadline:    

March 25, 2022

Course Fee:

  • Local Organizations (Iraq/Syria Based):                                        USD 290
  • International Organizations (Iraq/Syria Based):                          USD 490

Residential Package: 

Residential Package is available at the venue hotel on payment of required charges.

Discount Policy: Group Discount (from same organisation):

On every three paid nominations from same organisation, one person (i.e fourth one) will be free of charge.

In-House Training:

CRSM also offers this training for your organisation as an in-house event. This will be cost effective and customised for your organisation’s specific needs. To discuss this, please contact CRSM representative at +90 (539) 683 49 70 or mail to

How to be registered?

Please download the registration form from the link below and send its soft copy to our correspondent will contact you for further processing.

For Further Information, Please Contact:


Tel: +90 (539) 683 49 70  OR  +92 (321) 55 65 072

OR +92 (321) 55 65 072

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