Power BI (Business Intelligence)

Istanbul - Turkey , Registration Deadline: September 8,2022 , Training Date: September 28,2022 TO September 30,2022

What this course is about:

Excel 2016 becomes awesome for the spreadsheet lovers because of its efficient functionality and ease of use. Some of experienced number crunchers will appreciate the new data model feature and relatively inexperienced users are forced to get more out of the Excel 2016 dynamic features. The importance seems to be on easy excess to features that were, prior to 2016, a bit harder to implement. In a summary both new & experienced users will enjoy working on Excel 2016 by a new approach to an old problem that required a cumbersome workaround. Complex tasks become easier to perform, thanks to tools. Excel 2016 is considered to be a handy & effective BI tool to manipulate, exploit & summarize data before publishing on your website through share point or share your work on social networks.

Training Contents:

Discover new feature of Excel 2016:
  • Get & Transformed the Awesome
  • Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Map
  • Power view, Excel as an ETL tool
  • M Codes, DAX language
  • Power of Measures
  • Calculate fields
  • Data relationship, Data Modeling
  • New & Improved Functions
  • Building quick reports
  • Powerful Data Analysis with Pivot Table
  • Creating the Dashboard reports
  • Power BI integration with MS Excel
Insights of new & Improved ADD – INS:
  • Power Pivot Add – in, Inquire Add – in
  • Power Query Add – in
  • Data Mining Add – in
Apps for Office (Excel 2016):
  • Bye – bye add – ins & hello Apps
  • Apps for Office add powerful new features
  • Real time update with social Networks
Advanced Data Visualization:
  • Advanced and Improved charts
  • Advanced Reporting without Formulas
  • Graphical visualization of Reports with power features

Medium of Instruction: 


Duration & Venue:       

September 28 to 30, 2022

Istanbul – Turkey

Registration Deadline:

September 08, 2022

Early Bird Discount:  

10 % discount will be offered if registered before August 30, 2022.

Course Fee:

  • Local Organizations :                                                     USD 590
  • International Organizations:                                          USD 690
  • Other Countries                                                             USD 990

Residential Package: 

Residential Package is available at the venue hotel on payment of required charges.

Discount Policy: Group Discount (from same organisation):

On every three paid nominations from same organization, one person (i.e. fourth one) will be free of charge.

In-House Training:

CRSM also offers this training for your organization as an in-house event. This will be cost effective and customized for your organization’s specific needs. To discuss this, please contact CRSM representative at +92 316 58 87 783 or mail to registration@crsmconsulting.net

How to be registered?

Please download the registration form from the link below and send its soft copy to registration@crsmconsulting.net our correspondent will contact you for further processing.

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Email: registration@crsmconsulting.net

Tel: +92 316 58 87 783 OR  +92 (321) 55 65 072


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